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About Us

About Shay Lee

Spray Tanning is a fun business, and that's exactly why I love it! I've been making this entrepreneurial dream come true, ever since I was old enough to hold a can of aerosol spray tan in the mid 1990's...ok, ok.... the 1980's! 

2011 - THE DREAM IS BORN. This was the year that NPC Coach Gretchen started training me and my fate as an airbrush tanner was sealed. Living in Virginia, but also following some fitness goals, I went to my first bodybuilding show at the Shawn Ray Classic in Maryland, and watched my coach tan all of the competitors. After seeing the instant gratification of spray tans, I knew this is what I wanted to do, more than anyone in the industry. 

Following the Excitement

2013 - LOCATION: VIRGINIA AND MARYLAND I started offering mobile airbrush tanning, and also rented space out of a local salon, to offer my tans. It wasn't easy, but then nothing worth its salt ever is. I developed my prodigious talent into the finely-honed Art of Airbrush Tanning, that it is today, and I carry with me the experiences I had, and lessons I learned during that time. Its been a long journey, but here I am, hoping you'll love these tans! 

The Product Lines

Fast forward to 2014 when the world's leading big dreamer, (yes, that would be me), headed to Florida, and paired up with a manufacturer, and the "guru" chemist, Mike, to develop a solution that would intoxicate the senses and envelope the skin in a luxurious, exotic tan.  It was the most rewarding two months of my entrepreneurial life. In late 2015, I made the move to Tampa, and then Colorado as of  2017... I also reside back in Virginia part of the year. Clients are always excited that I travel to locations when in town, and happy that they can order their own "at home" sunless SUNKISSED tanning kits, for when I'm traveling.

I believe in offering sunless tanning products that will pamper your skin in the most luxurious way. 

Its not just about having a great tan. Its about using products that benefit your skin as well. That is why my products contain super-fruits like goji berries and acai berries, and other exotic ingredients like coconut oil and aloe... the list goes on and on. My product line, called 

The SUNKISSED Tan, is Vegan and also Gluten & Paraben-FREE. We use many natural and organic ingredients too. Now you can experience the perfect tan! 

Our newest addition includes The SUNKISSED Tan, which is a full collection of sunless body care for at home use! 

We also introduced The RockStar Collection for competitors, with a pH balancing prep spray, bronzer and posing oil. 

I also offer wholesale pricing to salons and spas, and workshops on "The Art of Spray Tanning."

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